fmmFrancisco Martin Moreno is a writer of historical novels and a passionate researcher of the hidden side of Mexico’s history, but to get to that place he had to reinvent his life and to rise his gamble, because as he once said “I dedicated myself to the opposite, in order to seek my family’s acceptance”.He studied at the German School Alexander von Humboldt. Later he got a law degree and a doctorate at the Mexican Academy of Law. However, since Francisco was eight years old, he knew that writing was the only field where he could give the best of himself, so he launched his imagination and his talent, working 14 hours a day, in order to build his first novel: Black Mexico. A research on the Mexican Revolution and the sources that financed the war. A first printing of 25,000 copies of a first novel is in itself an achievement. The author was the first surprised. He had become a writer.

His particular style as an author of historical novel with touches of fiction, allowed him to earn a place in the public preferences. His analytical skills and passion for Mexico, as well as for discovering to his readers new approaches of the past and unknown parts of history, pushed him to write and to research more, on the most controversial chapters of political and religious life of the country. The results are shown in his work:
  • México negro (1986)
  • Las cicatrices del viento (1989)
  • La disculpa (1993)
  • La respuesta (1994)
  • Los mexicanos a contraluz (1996)
  • Cartas a un mexicano (1997)
  • México sediento (1998)
  • Las grandes traiciones de México (2001)
  • México secreto (2002)
  • México mutilado (2004)
  • México ante Dios (2007)
  • México acribillado (2008)
  • Arrebatos carnales (2009) 
  • Arrebatos carnales 2 (2010)
  • 100 Mitos de la historia de México (2010)
  • 100 Mitos de la historia de México 2 (2011)
  • Arrebatos carnales III (2011)
  • En media hora la muerte (2014)
He is also the author of more than 2000 op-eds published in newspapers such as Novedades , Excelsior, El Pais, among others. Francisco has been a radio and television presenter. He has been host of television shows and now he is part of the quartet that unravels the details of the history of Mexico in El Refugio de los Conspiradores broadcast by Project 40 channel on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Some of the awards he has received throughout his literary and journalistic career, was the Golden Laurel for Literary Excellence for his book Las Cicatrices del Viento in Spain, and in Mexico he has received the National Journalism Award in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.